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March 29, 2024

Maximise Your Dirhams: Top Tips & Coupon Sites for UAE Online Shopping Deals

Is UAE online shopping draining your wallet? Fear not! This guide reveals the top 10 hacks to slash costs and become a savvy shopper. We'll uncover secrets to coupon codes, promos, loyalty programs, and price comparison tools. Plus, discover the best UAE coupon sites for exclusive deals! It's your ticket to online shopping mastery in the UAE. Start saving today!

UAE online shopping deals

The UAE is a shopper’s paradise, and with UAE online shopping deals, it becomes even more irresistible! Whether you’re a resident looking for the best bargains or a visitor seeking unique finds, online shopping in the UAE offers a treasure trove of possibilities. You can find incredible deals on everything from electronics and fashion to homeware and groceries.

This blog post will help you guide the exciting world of UAE online shopping deals. We’ll explore popular online retailers, highlight current promotions, and offer tips to help you find the best deals and maximize your savings. So, get ready to click, browse, and shop smart with our guide to UAE online shopping deals!

The Growth of E-commerce in the UAE

The UAE has become an online shopping hotspot! Thanks to a tech-savvy population and fantastic convenience, e-commerce has exploded recently. Imagine buying groceries, clothes, or even the latest gadgets from your phone or computer; that’s the magic of online shopping in the UAE. Stores offer many more products than you’d ever find in person. This ease and the arrival of giant online stores like Amazon and Noon have made online shopping popular. 

The market volume is expected to reach an impressive US$9,378.6 million by 2028, driven by a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.7% from 2024 to 2028. This surge is anticipated to contribute significantly to the global growth rate of 10.4% in 2024, underscoring the UAE’s pivotal role in online retail.

Genius Online Shopping Hacks to Stretch Your Dirham Further!

We all love a good deal, especially in the UAE! Here are our top 13 online shopping hacks to stretch your dirham further and maximize your savings on tempting UAE online shopping deals. From mastering coupon codes to strategically shopping times, these tips will make you a savvy online shopper in no time!

1. Utilise the Power of Coupons and Promo Codes:

Discount codes are your secret weapon! Websites like CouponCodesME, PennyPincherPro and VouchercodesUAE aggregate coupons from various retailers. Your favourite brand’s social media pages often announce exclusive deals.

Remember to check newspapers and email newsletters for hidden gems. You can also get supermarket paper brochures for affordable deals and discounts on UAE online shopping deals.

2. Utilize Price Tracking Tools:

UAE online shopping offers a vast selection of products, but keeping tabs on price fluctuations can be tricky. Here’s where price-tracking tools come in as your secret weapon! These tools monitor product prices across different online retailers in the UAE, letting you know when a deal pops up. Here are a few popular options in the UAE:

  • CamelCamelCamel (International): While not UAE-specific, it tracks prices on, a significant player in the UAE online shopping scene.
  • Pricena UAE: This UAE-based platform allows you to track prices across a wide range of retailers.
  • Kanbkam UAE: Another UAE-focused option that allows you to monitor price fluctuations on specific products. It offers price tracking, coupon codes, and product comparisons.

3. Abandon Your Cart:

Some dealers offer discounts or promo codes to entice shoppers who have abandoned their carts. If you add items to your cart and leave the website, you may receive a follow-up email with a discount code to encourage you to complete your purchase.

4. Shop During Sales Seasons:

Watch for significant sales seasons, such as Ramadan, Eid, and National Day. Many retailers offer substantial discounts during these periods, saving you big on your purchases. Watch for exclusive offers like the Ramzan Amazing Deal, which provides an extra 15% off mobile phones when you spend. Take advantage of this limited-time opportunity to grab your favourite gadgets at unbeatable prices.

5. Use Cashback Apps:

Cashback apps let you earn a percentage of your purchase back, essentially giving you money back for shopping! These apps partner with various retailers, offering cashback for purchases made through their platform.

Here are some popular UAE cashback apps to consider:

  • RAKbank Cashback: Earn cashback on a variety of online retailers, including fashion, electronics, and travel.
  • Totl: Earn cashback or discounts on bill payments and purchases at partnered stores across the UAE.
  • Mimojo: This innovative app uses card-linked offers to give you cashback on purchases at partnered retailers automatically.

6. Stack Coupons:

Some UAE online retailers allow you to “stack” multiple coupons or promo codes for additional savings. Before getting carried away, always check the terms and conditions of each coupon. Some might have exclusions or limitations on stacking with other offers.

7. Opt for Free Shipping:

Don’t let pesky shipping fees eat into your savings! Many UAE online retailers offer free shipping for orders exceeding a certain amount. To avoid these fees, consider consolidating your purchases from different stores to reach the minimum spend threshold for free shipping.

8. Loyalty Pays Off:

Many online stores in the UAE have loyalty programs that reward frequent customers with points, exclusive offers, and birthday discounts. Signing up for these programs is a no-brainer, especially if you shop at specific stores often. You’ll be surprised at the savings you can accumulate over time!

9. Shop Off-Season:

Patience is a virtue, especially when it comes to online shopping! Buying off-season items can result in significant savings, as retailers often discount products to clear inventory. Plan ahead and purchase seasonal items, such as winter wear during the summer months or swimwear during the winter, to enjoy lower prices.

10. Follow Brands on Social Media:

Follow your favourite brands and stores on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Brands often share exclusive discounts, flash sales, and coupon codes through these channels. By staying updated, you can catch these deals before they’re gone and score some serious savings on UAE online shopping deals.

11. Don’t Be Afraid to Negotiate (Sometimes):

While not as common as in traditional souqs, some online retailers in the UAE, particularly smaller stores or those selling unique items, might be open to price negotiation, especially for bulk orders. So, if you see an item you love but the price tag gives you pause, politely message the seller inquiring about a possible discount. The worst they can say is no!

12. Read Reviews and Ratings:

Knowledge is power, especially when shopping online. Before hitting “buy,” take a few minutes to read customer reviews and ratings on the product and the online store. This can help you avoid potential pitfalls and ensure you get a high-quality product from a reputable seller.

13. Try Comparison Shopping:

Don’t settle for the first price you see! Utilize comparison shopping websites and apps to compare prices across different UAE online retailers for the same product. This quick and easy step can help ensure you get the best possible deal on your desired item. These are a few options:

  • PriceRunner UAE: Compares prices and specs across retailers.
  • Pricena UAE: All-in-one solution for price tracking, coupons, and comparisons.
  • MySouq: Marketplace where sellers list products, allowing for easy price comparisons.

What Are Some Excellent Coupon Sites for UAE Residents?

1. Groupon UAE:

UAE online shopping deals


Want the best deals on experiences and services across the UAE? Then, Groupon UAE is your stop. 

Groupon UAE connects you with incredible discounts on everything you love right here in your city. Get unbeatable savings on all your favourite activities and services, from treating yourself to the finest dining at top restaurants to indulging in luxurious spa treatments. You can also get amazing deals on entertainment and even save on exciting travel experiences across the UAE.

So, take advantage of your chance! Let your experiences get fantastic savings. New deals are added daily, so there’s always something exciting.

2. Cobone:



Are you dreaming of a relaxing spa day in Abu Dhabi or planning a getaway? Cobone can fulfil your craving for a fantastic experience with the hottest deals in the UAE.

Cobone is your daily dose of incredible savings on everything you love to do in the Emirates. Whether you’re seeking discounts on dining experiences, luxurious spa treatments, thrilling activities, or memorable travel packages, Cobone has something for everyone. 

3. Penny Pincher Pro:

Penny Pincher UAE


Shopping online in the UAE can be a breeze, but saving big requires a secret weapon: Penny Pincher Pro! This website is your one-stop shop for finding the best deals and maximising your savings on everything from electronics to everyday essentials. We hunt the web for the hottest deals and coupons on electronics, fashion, homeware—you name it!

Save on your favourite brands and discover hidden gems without blowing your budget. Plus, we offer expert tips to help you become a UAE online shopping pro.

4. YallaBanana:

UAE online shopping deals


Adventure awaits in Dubai and beyond! YallaBanana gets you the best deals on unforgettable experiences. 

YallaBanana offers unbeatable deals and discounts on various activities, experiences, and services across Dubai and the UAE. Whether you’re seeking thrilling adventures, relaxing spa treatments, or exciting entertainment options, YallaBanana ensures you get the best value for your money on all your favourite experiences.

Skip the tourist traps and discover the UAE like a local with YallaBanana. 

5. Great Deals:



Are you looking to upgrade your experience in Dubai? Great Deals is your ticket to enjoying fantastic discounts on everything you love. Whether you want to treat yourself to a fancy dinner, crave rejuvenating beauty treatments, or seek fun or leisure activities for your family in the UAE, Great Deals connects you with exciting activities and adventures at unbeatable prices.

6. Savioplus UAE:

UAE online shopping deals


Savvy shoppers? Savioplus UAE is your secret weapon for HUGE savings.

Savioplus UAE is an online platform dedicated to providing savvy shoppers with the latest coupon codes and deals for online shopping in the UAE. Whether you’re looking for the latest fashion trends in Dubai, need to upgrade your electronics, or are stocking up on household essentials, Savioplus UAE helps you get significant savings, making online shopping more affordable and enjoyable.

7. CouponCodesMe:



Stop searching and start saving with CouponCodesMe UAE!

Enter a world of savings with CouponCodesMe, your ultimate stop for the latest coupon codes and discounts. From snagging the newest fashion finds online to booking your dream vacation at a fraction of the price, CouponCodesMe has your back. You can access exclusive deals and savings on a broad range of products and services to ensure you get the best value for your money with every purchase.

8. VoucherCodesUAE:

voucher codes uae


Stop paying the total price! VoucherCodesUAE is your ultimate hub for discount codes and coupons. 

Save on everything you love, from snagging the latest fashion finds via online shopping to booking your dream trip at a discount or hunting deals on your favourite electronics purchases. You can get exclusive savings on your favourite brands and retailers with just a few clicks.

Become a UAE online shopping pro!

Remember to check these coupon sites regularly, as new deals and discounts are added frequently. Using these coupon sites with the online shopping hacks mentioned earlier, you can maximise your savings on your online purchases.

UAE online shopping deals are a treasure trove waiting to be explored. With a little know-how, you can transform from casual shopper to savvy saver!

By implementing these top hacks & using these coupon websites, you’ll become a shopping ninja, slashing prices and maximizing your savings on those incredible UAE online shopping deals.


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