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March 28, 2024

Ramadan Feasts on a Budget: Must-Buy Discounted Groceries in the UAE

Flavorful feasts without the hefty price tag! UAE supermarkets are overflowing with Ramadan discounts on dates, nuts, & more. Whip up delicious Suhoor & Iftar meals & celebrate the holy month with loved ones, all on a budget. Embrace the spirit of Ramadan with delicious savings!

We are halfway through Ramadan, and your pantry is showing signs of running low… It’s time to restock! 

Unlike the initial rush at the beginning of the holy month, grocery shopping in the middle of Ramadan takes on a different charm. The frantic stocking up has subsided, replaced by a more relaxed atmosphere. Supermarkets are still brimming with fresh produce and essential ingredients, but the aisles feel less crowded, allowing for a leisurely browse for topping up on those last-minute cravings.

And the best part? Ramadan grocery discounts UAE are in full swing! Many stores in the UAE take advantage of this mid-Ramadan lull to offer enticing discounts!

Whether looking for deals on dates for Iftar or last-minute ingredients to complete your Suhoor spread, bargains are to be found. 

We’ll help you enjoy delicious and affordable meals throughout the rest of the holy month.

How to Save on Ramadan Groceries?

1. Planning & Budgeting:

  • Plan your Suhoor and Iftar meals for the entire week to avoid impulse purchases and ensure you buy only what you need.
  • Stick to it and resist the temptation of in-store promotions.
  • Research special deals and discounts supermarkets offer.

2. Smart Shopping Practices:

  • Shop early in the week to avoid the weekend rush and potential price hikes. This also increases your chance of finding fresh produce.
  • Avoid visiting different stores to find the best deals on specific items.

3. Value and Efficiency Focus:

  • Seasonal fruits and vegetables are usually cheaper and tastier.
  • Repurpose leftover Suhoor ingredients for Iftar dishes, reducing food waste and saving money.

4. Stretch Those Dirhams:

  • Many supermarkets offer their brands at lower prices than national brands with comparable quality.
  • Opt for whole vegetables and fruits and prepare them yourself for significant savings.
  • Frozen fruits and vegetables offer affordability and nutrition similar to fresh options.

5. Maximize Savings With Discounts:

  • This helps avoid impulse purchases and allows for convenient store price comparisons.
  • Sign up and take advantage of points or discounts offered by supermarkets.
  • This cuts costs and strengthens community bonds during Ramadan.

Where to Find the Best Ramadan Grocery Discounts UAE

The aroma of your neighbour’s Iftar wafts through the air, and suddenly, you realize your fridge needs a serious refresh. 

Let’s walk through the aisles of bustling superstores and find the best Ramadan grocery discounts UAE offers. Stock up on essentials; whether you love dates for breaking fast, enjoy nourishing grains for pre-dawn meals, or tantalize your tastebuds with flavourful spices, we’ve got discounts on everything you need.

So, be ready to grace your table with the most delightful Ramadan treats

Let’s go shopping!

Ramadan Savings at Dubai Store:

Dubai Store


Get ready to celebrate a delicious Ramadan with incredible discounts on groceries at Dubai Stores! 

Stock up on all your essentials for Suhoor and Iftar meals, from dates and dried fruits to cooking oils and spices.  They have everything you need to prepare delicious dishes and treats for the entire holy month.  

Take your chance to grab these fantastic deals and make your Ramadan celebrations memorable! Check out these Penny Pincher coupons for incredible Ramadan grocery discounts UAE on your next shopping trip. 

June 30

Expires on: June 30 70% OFF
70% Off on All Electronic & Accessories on this Ramzan at DubaiStore
70% Off on All Electronic & Accessories on this Ramzan at DubaiStore

June 30

Expires on: June 30 SALE
Save 75% On All Groceries + Extra 10% OFF with DubaiStore Coupon Code
Save 75% On All Groceries + Extra 10% OFF with DubaiStore Coupon Code

Stock Up and Save With Carrefour

 Ramadan grocery discounts UAE


Treat your family and yourself to a truly unforgettable Ramadan feast without breaking the bank! Carrefour UAE is offering incredible discounts on a wide range of Ramadan essentials. 

Stock up on your favourite dates, dried fruits, nuts, and beverages to make your Suhoor and Iftar meals unforgettable.  

From pantry staples like rice, cooking oil, and spices to delectable sweet treats, Carrefour has everything you need to create mouthwatering dishes and delightful desserts throughout the holy month.  Don’t miss out on these fantastic Ramadan discounts and experience the joy of sharing delicious meals with loved ones.

Affordable Deals at Lulu Hypermarket

Lulu market


From delectable dates and festive sweets to essential ingredients for Suhoor and Iftar meals, LuLu Hypermarket has everything you need to create a truly magical Ramadan experience. Stock up on your favourite cooking oils, fragrant spices, and nutritious staples at unbeatable prices.  

Surprise your family and friends with mouthwatering dishes and delightful treats throughout the holy month. Don’t miss out on these fantastic Ramadan discounts at LuLu Hypermarket – let the feasting begin!

Quick and Budget-Friendly Groceries at Spar



Spar UAE is making your Ramadan celebrations unique with fantastic discounts on various groceries!  

Enjoy significant savings on essential ingredients for Suhoor and Iftar meals, from savoury dates and dried fruits to nutritious grains and cooking oils. Impress your loved ones with delicious dishes and treats throughout the holy month without breaking the bank.  

Stock up on everything you need to create a memorable Ramadan experience, all at unbeatable prices at Spar UAE! Don’t miss out – visit your nearest Spar today and discover the flavours of a joyous Ramadan!

Ramadan Feast on Savings: Must-Have Ramadan Staples  

Check out these must-have Ramadan staples, now available at even better-discounted prices, to fuel your festive spirit and keep your meals delicious for the rest of the holy month!

1. Hungry Premium Dates Fard, 1 Kg

 Ramadan grocery discounts UAE


Discounted Price AED34.00 (11% Off)

Original Price: AED 38.00 

Upgrade your post-iftar snacking with Hungry Premium Dates Fard! These delicious, naturally sweet dates are more than just a treat – they’re packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and dietary fibre that offer a range of health benefits:

  • Hungry Premium Dates Fard are a natural source of vitamins and minerals, promoting overall health and well-being.
  • These dates’ nutrients may contribute to healthy, radiant skin and strong, lustrous hair.
  • Dates have been linked to improved eyesight and may help combat night blindness.
  • With no reported side effects, these dates are a simple and delicious way to add a healthy boost to your diet.

2. Avelina Instant Rolled Oats with Coconut Flakes and Flavor, 350g

Avelina oats


Discounted Price: AED13.74 (30% off)

Original Price: AED 19.65

Fuel your pre-dawn Suhoor meals with Avelina Oats, a wholesome and delicious way to start your Ramadan day! Here’s why these oats are a perfect fit for your Ramadan grocery list:

  • Packed with whole grains, vitamins, minerals, and fibre, Avelina Oats provides sustained energy to keep you going throughout your fast.
  • Made with no added sugar, these oats allow you to customize the sweetness level using your favourite fruits, dates, or honey – perfect for a healthy and delicious start to your day.
  • Studies suggest oats can help manage blood sugar and potentially reduce the risk of heart disease, promoting overall well-being during Ramadan.
  • Avelina Oats caters to those with gluten sensitivities, ensuring everyone can enjoy a nutritious Suhoor meal.

Each box contains rolled oats with coconut flakes, offering a delightful textural contrast and a subtle coconut flavour. Start your Ramadan mornings right with the goodness of Avelina Oats! 

Don’t miss out on the Ramadan discounts available on Avelina Oats! Stock up and experience the power of a healthy and delicious pre-dawn meal this holy month.

3. 100% Pure New Zealand Honey MGO 263 Manuka Honey, 250g

Manuka honey


Discounted Price: AED150.00 (25%off)

Original Price: AED 200

Seeking a natural way to enhance your well-being this Ramadan? Look no further than High Grade 10+ UMF Manuka Honey from New Zealand! This exceptional honey boasts unique properties that can benefit your health throughout the holy month.

  • Manuka Honey possesses powerful antimicrobial and antioxidant properties, potentially supporting your immune system during fasting.
  • Its soothing properties may relieve minor throat discomfort, which can sometimes arise during pre-dawn meals.
  • Manuka Honey can contribute to sustained energy levels, potentially aiding you through long fasting days.
  • This Grade 10+ UMF Manuka Honey is sourced directly from New Zealand and guarantees authenticity and exceptional quality.
  • With Manuka Honey’s distinctive taste, add a touch of sophistication to your Ramadan meals.

Enjoy the premium benefits of High-Grade 10+ UMF Manuka Honey at a special discounted price during Ramadan! Appreciate the taste of purity and embrace the power of nature’s finest this holy month.

4. Experience Excellence with Olivo Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml

olivo olive oil


Discounted Price: AED37.50 (25%off)

Original Price: AED 50

Experience the standard of quality and taste this Ramadan with our finest Extra Virgin Olive Oil! Crafted with generations of expertise, this exceptional oil promises to uplift the delight of your Suhoor and Iftar meals at a special Ramadan discount.

Perfect for Suhoor & Iftar: Drizzle this exceptional olive oil over salads, grilled vegetables, or fresh bread and experience its pure flavour during Suhoor or Iftar meals. It’s also perfect for finishing touches, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to your dishes.

Nutritional Facts per 100g:

  • Energy: 3700 KJ / 900 Kcal
  • Fat: 100%
    • Saturated Fat: 16.1%
    • Trans Fat: 0%
    • Monounsaturated Fat: 71.3%
    • Polyunsaturated Fat: 12.6%

Check out these deals from Penny Pincher to stash more discounts.

June 30

Expires on: June 30 70% OFF
70% Off on All Electronic & Accessories on this Ramzan at DubaiStore
70% Off on All Electronic & Accessories on this Ramzan at DubaiStore

June 30

Expires on: June 30 SALE
Save 75% On All Groceries + Extra 10% OFF with DubaiStore Coupon Code
Save 75% On All Groceries + Extra 10% OFF with DubaiStore Coupon Code

5. Nescafe Classic Coffee, 200g



Discounted Price: AED22.50 (10%off)

Original Price: AED 25.00

NESCAFÉ Classic is the perfect way to awaken your senses and kickstart your pre-dawn Suhoor meals this month.

Enjoy the rich and satisfying taste you know and love, perfect for a traditional coffee experience during Suhoor.

  • The aroma instantly awakens your senses and prepares you for the day ahead.
  • Add hot water to make a delicious cup of coffee in seconds, saving precious time during your busy Suhoor routine.

Start your Ramadan mornings with the classic taste and convenient preparation of NESCAFÉ Classic. Stock up and enjoy a discounted cup this holy month!

6. Masafi Pure Deep Earth Water Bottle, 12 Bottle x 200ml

 Ramadan grocery discounts UAE


Discounted Price: AED7.25 (42% off)

Stay hydrated and energized this Ramadan with Masafi Pure, the UAE’s only 100% natural bottled water!  This refreshing beverage is perfect for breaking your fast (Iftar) and staying healthy throughout the holy month.

  • Deep-drawn from the earth and purified by nature, Masafi Pure provides pure, natural hydration without any artificial additives.
  • Staying hydrated is crucial during Ramadan fasts. Masafi Pure ensures you get the necessary fluids while replenishing lost nutrients.
  • Every sip of Masafi Pure tantalizes your taste buds and fills your hunger, making it a perfect choice for breaking your fast.

So, Stock up and experience the refreshing taste and natural goodness of Masafi Pure throughout the holy month.

7. Zamzam Drinking Water, 5 Liters

Zamzam drinking water


Discounted Price: AED55.00 (21%off)

Original Price: AED 70.00

Experience the blessings of Zamzam’s sacred waters this Ramadan! Sourced directly from the holy well in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, Zamzam water offers a unique way to stay hydrated and spiritually connected during the Holy month.

Bring a blessing to your Ramadan and share the sacred experience with loved ones at a fantastic discount offer at the Dubai Store.

8. Cool Sun Apple Strawberry Juice, 10 x 200ml

Cool sun juice


Discounted Price: AED13.10 (10%off)

Make your little ones’ first Roza a delightful and hydrated treat with Cool Sun Apple Strawberry Nectar! This delicious and refreshing juice is a perfect way to:

  • The vibrant blend of apple and strawberry flavours makes Cool Sun a tasty treat kids will love. Plus, This helps them get essential vitamins and nutrients during Ramadan.
  • Encouraging kids to drink enough water during fasts can be tricky. The refreshing taste of Cool Sun makes staying hydrated a delightful experience.
  • Kickstart Suhoor meals with a healthy and flavorful boost. Cool Sun is a refreshing and nutritious way to break the fast and keep little tummies happy.

Look out for special Ramadan discounts on Cool Sun Apple Strawberry Nectar and add the flavour of delight to your kids’ meal!

9. Crazynuts Extra Nuts 250g

Crazy Nuts


Discounted Price: AED19.89 (15%off)

Original Price: AED 23.40

Supercharge your Ramadan with Crazynuts Extra Nuts. This 250g pack bursts with a delicious variety of nuts, perfect for a protein and nutrient boost during extended fasts.

  • Nuts are a natural source of protein and healthy fats, providing sustained energy to keep you going throughout your day.
  • Crazynuts Extra Nuts offers a delightful mix of nut types, ensuring everyone enjoys something.
  •  The 250g pack is ideal for portion control and satisfying snacking needs during Suhoor or Iftar.

Don’t miss the Ramadan grocery discounts UAE, available on Crazynuts Extra Nuts! Stock up and experience the delicious energy boost of this satisfying nut mix!

10. Rainbow Full Cream Milk Powder, 400g

 Ramadan grocery discounts UAE


Discounted AED28.09 (3%off)

Original Price: AED 29.09

Enjoy the convenience and long-lasting benefits of Rainbow Full Cream Milk Powder this Ramadan!  This versatile powder offers a delicious and healthy alternative to fresh milk, perfect for nourishing your family throughout the holy month.

  • UHT treatment ensures Rainbow Milk Powder stays fresh for up to nine months, reducing waste and offering peace of mind during Ramadan.
  • Enjoy a refreshing taste that rivals fresh milk. Rainbow Milk Powder is a convenient and delicious substitute for fresh milk. It can be used for beverages, desserts, baking, and more.
  • Rainbow Milk Powder, enriched with 27 vitamins and minerals, provides vital support for your body during extended fasts.

Enjoy the benefits of long-lasting freshness, delicious taste, and essential nutrients at a budget-friendly price.  Make Rainbow Milk Powder a staple in your Ramadan pantry!

11. Lipton Yellow Label Black Tea Bag, 1 Box x 100 Tea Bags

Lipton tea


Discounted Price: AED19.50 (15% off)

Original Price: AED 23.00

Crafted with carefully selected fresh-pressed leaves, Lipton offers the perfect pick-me-up during the holy month.

  • Lipton’s Master Blenders use carefully selected and fresh-pressed tea leaves, capturing pure black tea’s rich taste and refreshing aroma.
  • Enjoy Lipton Yellow Label Black Tea hot for a comforting and uplifting experience during Suhoor meals. Or, brew it iced for a refreshing drink to break your fast (Iftar).
  • Lipton’s tea bags are easy to use and ensure a perfect cup in just 2 minutes. Plus, they’re made with 100% Rainforest Alliance-certified tea bags, providing a sustainable choice.

12. Date Crown Milk Chocolate With Almonds Choco Dates, 3 x 100g

Date crown chocolate


Original Price: AED10.95 (10%off) 

Celebrate Ramadan with a delightful treat with Date Crown Milk Chocolate with Almonds!

These melt-in-your-mouth Choco dates are a perfect way to break your fast or indulge in the spirit of giving throughout the holy month. Each luxurious 100g pouch is filled with crunchy whole almonds and coated in creamy milk chocolate, offering a delightful dance of textures and flavours in every bite.

  • The 100g pouches are ideal for portion control and on-the-go snacking.
  • The smooth milk chocolate coating complements the dates’ sweetness and the satisfying almond crunch.
  • The resealable pouches keep your dates fresh and ensure mess-free enjoyment.
  • Dates offer a natural source of sweetness, making them a guilt-free indulgence. Size: 3 x 100g

Get a Ramadan bounty discount with the Penny Pincher Ramadan deals.

13. Badia Gluten-Free Five Spice, 113.4g

Badia Spice


Original Price: AED35.00

Get Extra 10% off

This clever blend captures the essence of traditional Asian cuisine, offering a symphony of sweet, sour, savoury, and salty flavours in every bite.

  • Take your taste buds on a journey this Ramadan with Badia. This unique blend is perfect for adding an exciting twist to your Suhoor and Iftar meals.
  • Badia can be used as a marinade, seasoning, or dipping sauce, allowing you to explore its versatility in various Ramadan dishes.
  • Use Badia’s depth of flavour to make your favourite Ramadan recipes. From savoury rice dishes to flavorful appetizers, the possibilities are endless!

Explore the world of Asian flavours this Ramadan! The Dubai Store offers special Ramadan discounts on Badia. 

14. Harvest Snaps Hot & Garlic Green Pea, 34g

harvest snaps


Discounted Price: AED1.95 (51%off)

Original Price: AED3.95

Looking for a guilt-free and delicious way to satisfy your cravings during Ramadan? Look no further than Harvest Snaps Green Pea Crisps! These innovative snacks are packed with benefits, making them the perfect choice for mindful munching throughout the holy month.

  • Made with 65% whole green peas, these crisps are a good source of fibre and a natural energy booster, ideal for pre-dawn Suhoor meals or afternoon pick-me-ups.
  • With 40% less fat and less sodium than regular potato chips, you can indulge in the remarkably zesty flavours without compromising your health goals.
  • Grab a handful of these baked green pea crisps for a satisfying crunch on the go, whether you’re at the office or need a quick energy boost during busy Ramadan days.
  • Made with non-GMO ingredients and in Thailand, these unique Japanese-inspired green pea crisps are a guilt-free indulgence.

Get the best Ramadan Grocery discounts UAE. Check out these Ramadan deals to make your snacking more budget-friendly and delightful!

June 30

Expires on: June 30 70% OFF
70% Off on All Electronic & Accessories on this Ramzan at DubaiStore
70% Off on All Electronic & Accessories on this Ramzan at DubaiStore

June 30

Expires on: June 30 SALE
Save 75% On All Groceries + Extra 10% OFF with DubaiStore Coupon Code
Save 75% On All Groceries + Extra 10% OFF with DubaiStore Coupon Code

Reap the Rewards of Mid-Ramadan Savings!

The blessings of Ramadan keep flowing, and so do the fantastic grocery deals! It’s the perfect time to refill your Ramadan essentials and explore new culinary delights.  

UAE supermarkets are bursting with discounted goodies, from dates and dried fruits to hearty grains and festive treats. Stock up and save big with the fantastic Ramadan Grocery Discounts UAE, and continue creating scrumptious Suhoor and Iftar meals to share with loved ones throughout the remaining holy days.

Happy Ramadan!

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